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FREE delivery when you spend over $150 on all Tapware, Showers & Accessories - Australia Wide
Freestanding Vanities Vs Wall Hung Vanities – Pro's and Con's

Freestanding Vanities Vs Wall Hung Vanities – Pro's and Con's

A bathroom vanity is a critical storage space, extremely practical, and gorgeous addition to every bathroom, allowing you to get through the morning rush. You can't just install any vanity unit if you want to get your bathroom remodel right, so it's essential to weigh up the functionality, form, and aesthetic of the vanities available.

Although there are many other types of vanity units, the two most common types are freestanding and wall-mounted. Making this decision, though, can be difficult for every homeowner. As a result, to assist finicky connoisseurs in deciding on a vanity style for their bathroom, the experts at Blue Leaf have meticulously compiled a list of pros and cons so you can make an informed decision!

 What is a Freestanding Vanity?

A freestanding vanity is mounted on the bathroom floor and includes a kickboard that completely covers the space beneath.

Freestanding Vanity Pros: Timeless Aesthetic 

A freestanding vanity is a timeless design that has long been popular in bathrooms for decades; because of its timeless appeal, a freestanding vanity makes redecorating your bathroom easier. From traditional and modern bathroom settings, freestanding vanities go with a wide range of bathroom designs.

Pros: Large Storage

Freestanding vanities provide ample storage space, which is critical for all your bathroom essentials. Because all your necessary supplies can be stowed out of sight, they're great for keeping your bathroom neat and preserving clean lines. 

Pros: Cleaning is Easier

There's no need to clean underneath a freestanding vanity because it's attached straight on the floor, reducing the amount of cleaning time allowing you to spend more time relaxing in the tub!

Pros: Conceals Plumbing 

Freestanding vanities, unlike wall-hung vanities, are meant to conceal all your plumbing, which can otherwise be an eyesore. This means you won't have to worry about your pipes being in good enough shape to be seen, regardless of your design. It also gives the room a neater, cleaner appearance.

Freestanding Vanity Cons: Can Take Up More Room 

Freestanding vanities are available in various sizes and styles, but they all have one thing in common: standing straight on the floor. Because it takes up more floor space and provides a dividing line between one portion of the room and the next, making your bathroom appear less spacious, particularly if you have a small bathroom, this may be a concern making the space appear crowded.

Cons: Can Leave Floor Marks

When you move or dismantle a freestanding vanity unit, it can leave impressions on the floor. Scarring can vary in severity depending on the adhesives used and the tile quality.

Wall Hung Vanities

A Wall-Hung Vanity – also known as a floating vanity unit – is attached to the wall and has empty space underneath.

Wall Hung Vanity Pro: Perfect for an Ultra-Modern Bathroom Aesthetic 

If you want to create clean, sharp lines in your bathroom, a floating vanity unit is the trendy choice because its sleek, modern appearance blends in seamlessly with contemporary décor schemes.

Pro: Show Off Your Bathroom's Floor Tiles

With a floating vanity unit, you can choose how much of your tiling to display because they can be connected to the wall at various heights, allowing you to personalise your bathroom while also being more practical. Bathroom tiles are one of the most expensive elements in a bathroom, and this vanity style does not detract from the display and beauty of your priceless tiles. 

Pro: Underneath, They're Easy to Clean

A wall-hung vanity is easy to clean beneath because they are not fastened to the floor. With full access to the flooring beneath your floating vanity unit, all you must do is sweep, vacuum, or mop, and you're done. There are also fewer spots for hair and filth to collect, ensuring that your bathroom vanity continues to look great for years.

Pro: Can Make Your Bathroom Appear Larger

For small bathroom remodels, the fixtures and fittings you select are crucial in giving the impression of more space. However, since a floating vanity unit does not touch the floor, it creates an uninterrupted line of floor space, making the room appear larger.

Cons of Wall Hung Vanities: Your Existing Plumbing Could Limit Your Choice of Vanity

Since a floating vanity unit can come in various shapes and sizes, wall-hung vanities can seamlessly fit into almost any bathroom remodel. However, depending on your existing plumbing, installation may be limited. For example, if your pipes go through the wall, a wall-hung vanity may usually conceal all of your plumbing. However, if your pipes run through the floor, they will not be totally hidden.

Cons: Storage Space May Be Limited

Due to their design, some wall-hung vanities may have less storage capacity than freestanding vanities. There are, however, techniques to compensate for this. For example, open shelves or a wall cabinet can be a good option if you need more storage in your bathroom. However, if you plan to install a big wall-hung vanity unit or store heavy objects, you may consider doing some structural reinforcing to the wall to assist it in handling the weight.

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Whether you want a freestanding or wall-mounted vanity, it's entirely up to you. All we can say is that if you're going to go with a classic look, a freestanding vanity is a way to go. However, if you want a more modern, streamlined look, a wall-mount vanity is the way to go.

Both are excellent options; all you must think about is the look and feel of your bathroom.

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Thanks, and happy renovating

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